• Conductor cross sections of 2.5 – 16 mm² (AWG 14 – 6)
  • Crimp force max. 50 kN
  • Standard fully integrated CFA+/CFA crimp force monitoring for perfect results and minimal rejects.
  • Setup directly on the module via the wire button and with creep speed function
  • Proven technology from the modules C1340/1370
  • Optional terminal strip chopper cuts terminal strips up to 1.2 mm thickness

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The crimp module C1380 is currently used in the fully automatic wire processing machine Alpha 560 and offers a wide processing spectrum for conductor cross sections of 2.5 – 16 mm². With its exceptional flexibility and high crimp force of max. 50 kN, the C1380 is extremely versatile. With its high crimp force, however, this module is primarily used for heavy-duty applications, i.e. for solid grounding wires, battery wires and similarly thick wires.

Strong, flexible and reliable

With a crimp force of 50 kN, even demanding terminals of up to 55 mm in length can be processed with ease. The wide processing spectrum of 2.5 – 16 mm² offers great flexibility. The robust crimp module design delivers extraordinary repeat accuracy. A powerful cutting mechanism cuts terminal strips up to 1.2 mm thickness.

Safe operation and setup directly on the module

Wire positioning directly on the module reduces the time required for setup, changeover and sampling. A creep speed function ensures precise setting of the crimp position. A new wire can be loaded with the wire button directly on the module.

Proven quality concept

The integrated CFA+/CFA crimp force monitoring reduces rejects to a minimum. The crimp process is controlled via Komax HMI with operator guidance. The advanced operating concept and proven control technology guarantee the highest-quality results.