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We supply a full range of the most advanced and latest technology equipment throughout South Africa & neighbouring countries.

Kappa 315
Mira 230
Microlab 30
Microlab 35
Microlab 55
Microlab 10
Iota 330
Alpha 550
BST Hand Stripper
Tape DIspenser
Mira 32
KTH Spot
Crimp Set

Featured product

Komax Mira 340

The New Rotary Wire Stripper

The programmable Mira 340 is designed for universal use while maintaining maximum precision. It is perfect for processing wires and insulation material with demanding requirements. The Mira 340 is fitted with a rotary head with 4X-blades and offers unique functions designed to reduce production time and increase quality. As a result, a single machine can be used for a huge range of applications. Thanks to sequential processing, multi-conductor cables and multi-layer insulation material can be processed quickly, thereby saving time. Meanwhile, its ease of use increases productivity.

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