High quality crimping with automatic crimp height adjustment

Uniquely effective user guidance

  • Operation directly at the module
  • In conjunction with HMI

Flexible and reliable

  • Automatic crimp height adjustment
  • Crimp force 22kN

High quality, safe production

  • Crimp force monitoring CFA+/CFA

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The crimp module C1360 complements our established and proven crimp modules C1340 and C1370. As an interesting alternative, the C1360 module can be used on the current Alpha and Gamma wire processing machines with EtherCAT interface and offers not only efficiency and precision, but also convenient automatic crimp height adjustment. The innovative wire positioning directly on the module considerably reduces the time required for set-up, changeover and sampling.

Short changeover times

Machine operation directly on the crimp module reduces changeover times to a minimum. The automatic crimp height adjustment with spindle drive makes setup more convenient. In addition to speed, there is also no shortage of safety during setup: the crimping process can be precisely adjusted with a creep speed with maximum crimp force. All processes are supported by graphic operator guidance on Komax HMI.

High quality with minimum waste of time and material

Powerful CFA+ crimp force monitoring reduces scrap and material consumption to a minimum. Statistical data helps to analyze the crimping process. Most robust and secure production. The high crimping force ensures high quality and faultless production. The crimp module C1360 provides high productivity even in production environments with high temperature and humidity. The integrated and optimized safety concept ensures the best available operator safety.


Analogous to the C1370, the C1360 also offers an automatic crimp height adjustment. With this practical device, corrections can be made quickly and easily without having to open the hood. With this valuable flexibility, changeover times can be optimized.