Microlab 20

Microlab 20

The MicroLab 20 is a fast and reliable micrograph laboratory for quick analysis and customisable reporting options.

It can also be integrated with other Komax quality tools such as Crimp Force Monitors, Pull Testers and Micrometers for a more comprehensive quality report.

Compared to its predecessor, the MicroLab20 is able to cut a wider range of wires, from 0.05 mm² to 80 mm².

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Automatic cutting and polishing

  • All-in-one cutting and polishing at press of button
  • Double claw sample holder for greater perpendicularity alignment of wider range of wires


Customisable solution

  • Optional vacuum module to remove fumes and dust from grinding
  • Optional laser sight for more accurate cutting


Improved quality control

  • Able to integrate with pull testers and micrometers for pull force and crimp width/crimp height measurements
  • Customisable report templates
Technical Data
Cutting Module
Range 0.05 – 80.00 mm2
Speed 3500 rpm
Feed Rate ~0.6 mm/sec
Cutting Wheel ID: 12.7 mm, OD: 127 mm, Thickness: 0.5 mm
Polishing Module 
Speed 3500 rpm
Feed Rate ~6 mm/sec
Adjustable Grinding Range 0.00 – 5.00 mm
Adhesive Sandpaper OD 125 mm
Etching Module 
Processing Time 2 – 30 sec
Imaging Module
Magnification Range 0.75×, 1×, 1.5×, 2.0×, 2.5×, 3.0×, 3.5×, 4.0×, 4.5×, 5.0
Field of View 1.2 mm – 8.2 mm (X-direction)
Weight and Dimensions
Device Weight 30 kg
Device Dimensions 435 × 390 × 290 mm