M1630 Jet Eco

M1630 Jet Eco

The M1630 Jet eco inkjet printer for Kappa 3xx machines makes fast, flexible printing affordable, even in the economy segment.

The eco version offers the main advantages of the M1630 Jet inkjet wire printer with optimal integration into the wire processing process, wire-specific printing functions, low operating costs, high availability and user-friendly operation. For the lower price, however, the M1630 Jet eco comes with reduced equipment and is therefore limited to machines that do not require the top performance of the M1630 Jet. For example, marking with the eco is significantly slower at 5.7m/s than the Jet variant at 7.4 to 12m/s. The quick font option is not possible. The cable labeling device M1630 Jet eco is available in the versions BC (for black or slightly pigmented marking) and P (with highly pigmented inks).

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Cost-effective wire marking of the best quality

The M1630 Jet eco offers efficient wire marking in top quality at an economy rate. Low operating and maintenance costs reduce the cost per wire.

Rectangular print head reduces manufacturing costs

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, the angular print head makes it an attractive option. A practical cleaning station is available as an option in the range of accessories.

Compact wire marker device also suited to stand-alone operation

The M1630 Jet eco can be used independently of a machine to print on parts such as housings, plugs, and printed circuit boards, a significant additional benefit.

Easy to use and maintain thanks to RFID technology

The M1630 eco Jet requires minimal maintenance. RFID identification prevents cartridge change errors.