KTR 1800

KTR 1800

Ideal for long lines

The KTR 1800 is perfectly designed for the processing of high-voltage lines (HV) and cable sets with large diameters.

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Application Taping of long cable sets with a multitude of long branches
Winding speed 100 – 1000 rpm
Feed 0 – 45 mm/rev, infinitely variable, program controlled
Programming via industrial PC 19″ Touch, color
Tape-end detection by optical sensor
Wire harness diameter < 20 mm (optional: < 40 mm)
Tape width 9 – 19 mm (on request < 25 mm)
Connection 3L/N/PE 380 – 480 V AC/50 – 60Hz
Dimensions (H × W × D) 1572 × 2156 × 950 mm (standard version)
Weight approx. 550 kg

Ideal for long winding distances

  • Long main strands with many branches can be perfectly bandaged with the KTR 1800
  • The linear system measures 750 mm or 1,500 mm and is therefore designed for long travels
  • Up to 25 branches can be handled without problems with the KTR 1800

Precise and safe

  • Innovative cutting system specially developed by KABATEC for high-voltage applications
  • The highest quality cut-off knife is ideal for extremely resistant HV tapes
  • The cutting system is well concealed in the changing table

Advantages in the production process

  • Open winding head is perfect for flexible processing of long branches
  • Extra large 15-inch display for visualization of the individual taping steps
  • Freely positionable linear system
  • Faster process times for highest efficiency