Compact, user-operated taping machine for simple and prefixed cable harnesses


Attractive introduction to automated taping

  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple operation and low training requirements
  • Compact, low-maintenance and reliable machine design

High quality thanks to machine-guided taping process

  • Maintenance of specified overlap through defined roll-feed
  • Consistent tape tension and guidance guarantee wrinkle-free taping compared to manual taping

High productivity with simple cable harnesses

  • Winding speed two to three times higher compared to manual devices
  • Up to 25 % material savings compared to manual processing

Version with open winding head available

  • Economical processing of long cable harnesses with long branches
  • Significantly faster handling for longer cable harnesses compared to a closed winding head

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Application Creation of shielded cables. Processing of aluminium strip
(non-adhesive), PVC tape (adhesive) and a shielding wire.
Tape material Wide range of automotive and industrial adhesive tapes
Tape width 19 mm
AluminumfFoil width 19 mm
Tape outer diameter 180 mm
Aluminum foil outer diameter 120 mm
Tape and aluminum foil core diameter 1,5″
Pitch of the drain wire No pitch or adjustable, from 40 mm to 5,000 mm
Rotational speed 100 – 1,000 rpm
Drain wire diameter Max. 1.3 mm
Feed rate 0 – 50 mm/rev, programmable
Tape-end detection Contactless
Connection 3P/NPE 230V/400V -50Hz
Dimensions (H × W × D) 1,600 x 1,700 x 850 mm
Weight 510 kg


Produce your shielded cables on demand

  • Tape your shielded wire with your configuration on demand.
  • Wrapping of shield tape and cover tape together with a drainwire in one process..
  • Drain wire application in spiral or parallel design.
  • Suitable for twisted pair and straight wires.
  • Arrangement of Alu tape, PVC tape and drainwire in two different ways.
  • Winding head with double tape adapter (for examble Alu / PVC).
  • Winding head for drain wire, drain wire coiled on a changeable spool, spiral pitch programmable.
  • A combined length measuring system / beltfeeding system ensures a compact design and makes Drainwire an efficient tool for producing your cable sets.
  • Linear gripper system with an additional clamp for the drain wire.
  • Maximum of process flexibility: All parameters programmable (overlapping Alu, PVC, pitch drainwire, wrapping lengths, rotation speed winding head etc.).
  • Storage for 200 programs, even import by barcode scanner.
  • Once the process is started, the quality will be managed by the machine.
  • Harness coiler with automatic handover from linear gripper system to the coiler.
  • Electrical height adjustment.