KTL 10

KTL 10


The KTL 10 program-guided taping machine is ideally suited to the taping of cable harnesses and small modules with a maximum tape length of 1,000 mm.



Attractive introduction to program-controlled taping

  • Excellent value for money
  • Simple operation and low training requirements
  • Compact, low-maintenance and reliable machine design

High process precision

  • Millimeter-precise length measurement thanks to linear feed
  • Reproducible taping quality through program control
  • Consistent tape tension and tape guidance guarantees wrinkle-free taping compared to manual processes
  • Control of the winding head speed via foot pedal possible

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 Application  Taping of simple, short cable sets with up to 4 branches
 Tape material  Vielzahl an automotiven und industriellen Klebebänder   (optional: Doppelbandage mit nicht klebendem   Aluminiumband)
 Tape width  9 – 19 mm (on request <25 mm=”” p=””>
 Tape outer diameter  Up to 180 mm
 Tape core diameter  1.5″ and 3″
 Rotational speed  100 – 1,000 rpm, programmable
 Winding head  Closed, placed automatically in tape attachment position
 Feed rate  0 – 70 mm/rotation, programmable, linear feed
 Cable harness diameter  < 20 mm (Optional: < 40 mm)
 Connection  L/N/PE 210 – 240V AC/50-60Hz +-10%
(optional:L/N/PE 100 – 120V AC/50-60Hz +-10%)
 Dimensions (H × W × D)  645 mm x 1536 mm x 832 mm
 Weight  200 kg