Maximum productivity due to shortest conversion times.

State of the art efficiency and precision

  • Cable cross sections from 0.125 mm² to 6 mm² (AWG26 – AWG10)
  • Maximum crimp force of 22 kN
  • Cycle time (optimized) about 220 ms depending on setting
  • Unrivaled level of positioning accuracy and precision

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The C1370 crimp module guarantees the shortest changeover times on the latest fully automatic wire processing machines from Komax. Cables are positioned directly on the module, thus greatly reducing the time spent on setup. The reliable CFA+ crimp force analysis system ensures top quality and minimal rejects. This precision combined with time savings boosts productivity.

Uniquely effective user guidance

LED illumination guides the crimp module operators through the various work zones and points out focal points and hazards to them. This feature and the central operator unit on the crimp module cut changeover and setup time to a minimum. The central operator unit makes it possible to fetch a new wire directly. The four positioning keys then allow the wire to be arranged precisely in the process position.

Strong, flexible and reliable

Commercially available terminals can be processed thanks to the increased crimp force of 22 kN, the continuously adjustable speed and the connectible split cycle function. The robust crimp module design delivers extraordinary repeat accuracy and automatically adjusts the crimp height during the teaching procedure. Tool fixtures are available for all conceivable applicators.

Reliable and high quality production

The CFA+ crimp force analysis system reduces the reject rates to a minimum while preventing unnecessary wear and saving costs. Statistical data supports the evaluation of the production output. Exacting cable and terminal combinations can undergo a detailed analysis with CFAlab.