M1650 Tube

M1650 Tube

The M1650 tube marking module prints marker tubes and pushes them onto the wire. The module is designed for machines in the new Zeta 6×0 range.

In contrast to many stand-alone solutions, the M1650 Tube can be fully integrated into fully automatic wire harness production such as with the automatic Zeta wire processing machines. This integration and the change of thermal transfer ribbon and tubing material in less than five minutes saves a lot of time and ensures the highest quality. The M1650 tube marking system can be used to process flat, oval and round tube types. As a further advantage of tube labeling, the lettering can be rotated and moved to guarantee legibility. This is particularly advantageous in control cabinet construction when wires need to be shortened and markings need to be aligned forward. Thanks to the thermal transfer printing process, high abrasion resistance is also ensured.

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Reliable colour marking with thermal transfer marking unit

Tube marking offers high abrasion resistance thanks to the thermal transfer marking process. High contrast for clear legibility is provided regardless of the conductor colour.

Precise placement of tubes on the cable using a mandrel

The identification hose is inscribed, cut and then pushed onto a mandrel where the gripper takes over.

Precise placement of the tube over the wire thanks to a funnel

The tube is prepared by the grippers for pushing onto the wire. Finally, the tube is pushed over the wire via the gripper unit with a funnel.

Specification name Specification value
Wire cross section min. 0.5 mm²
Wire cross section max. 6 mm²
Cycle time 1.9 Sek/Schlauch
Tube length (depending on tube material) min. 10 mm
Tube length (depending on tube material) max. 35 mm
Printer resolution 300
Tube roll diameter max. 500 mm
Tube roll width max. 130 mm
Tube roll core diameter max. 20 mm
Wire length min. 240 mm
Tube width max. 12 mm
Connection options Zeta 6×0
Electrical connection 24 VDC-1A, 48 VDC-2A, 1×230 VAC-1A (200 VA)
Compressed-air connection 6 – 8 bar
Weight 28 kg
Dimensions/depth 717 mm
Dimensions/width 190 mm
Dimensions/height 739 mm
Humidity, non-condensing 85 %
Temperature operation 5-40 °C