Taping machine KTR 10 CS


Compact, user-operated taping machine for simple and prefixed cable harnesses


The best choice for beginners

  • Thanks to its extremely compact design, the KTR 10 CS can be easily integrated into the production of cable modules
  • The machine can easily be placed on a table
  • Compact, low-maintenance and reliable machine design

Combined length measuring and roller feed system

  • High-precision bandages according to individual requirements
  • The coupling of linear unit and roller feed and thanks to the integrated measuring roller an extremely high dimensional accuracy is possible
  • The KTR 10 CS always ensures even overlapping

Program supported manufacturin

  • Up to 200 programs for different wire harnesses and modules can be stored
  • The machine also stores up to 20 taping sections
  • Easy operation: The desired program is simply selected via touch screen

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Application Taping of length-specific cable sets with up to 4 branches
Tape material Wide range of automotive and industrial adhesive tapes (optional: double bandage with non-adhesive aluminium tape)
Tape width 9 – 38 mm (38 mm width with special configuration)
Tape outer diameter max. 180 mm
Tape core diameter 1,5″ und 3″
Winding speed 100 – 1000 rpm
Feed 0 – 70 mm/rev, program controlled, combined linear and roller feed
Feed actuation pneumatic
Wire harness diameter < 20 mm (optional: < 35 mm)
Connection L/N/PE 210 – 240 V AC/50 × 60Hz +-10% (optional: P/N/PE 100 × 120 V AC/50 × 60Hz +-10%)
Dimensions (H × W × D) 645 mm × 1036 mm × 824 mm
Weight ca. 160 kg
  • Tape-end detection
  • Tape pull-off aid (to reduce the twisting of wires with small diameters)
  • Height-adjustable winding table
  • Customized winding tables for different bandage requirements
  • Double bandage – processing of two tapes simultaneously e.g. Alu-PVC
  • pneumatic pliers for gripping the cables
  • Mounting bracket for special cable sets