This advanced and reliable feeder was specially designed for automatic processing of wire reels weighing up to 600 kg. Thanks to its strong construction and the efficient drive mechanism, this feeder gently and effortlessly processes wires reliably, whether thin flexible coaxial wires or thicker HV-wires.

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Simple handling

  • Short changeover times thanks to simple setup system supported by handheld remote
  • Generous access to set up the wire reel
  • Motorized spool lifting and clamping system
    for smooth handling of the wire reel

Fast and smooth wire feeding

  • High feeding speed of up to 4 m/s* with minimum tensile load on the wire
  • Optimized unloading position of the storage systems after the job is completed
  • Gentle wire feeding due to low-friction design with fine adjustment of the compressed air

High flexibility in any application

  • Processes wide range of round wires, up to 35 mm outerdiameter
  • Adjustable height of outfeed pulley
  • Loading of reels from different directions: the storage systems can be mounted on the
    right, back and left side of the dereeler

Short changeover times

Featuring a range of innovative technologies, including an integrated spool lifting system, simplified wire routing, and a back-feed feature for linear storage, this system streamlines the changeover process and maximizes productivity. The remote control options give the operator more flexibility to manage the system safely and efficiently, achieve faster changeover times and improve accessibility when loading and unloading reels.

Heavy-duty layout

The heavy-duty layout is specifically designed to support the handling of reels weighing up to 600 kg. The solid design of this layout ensures maximum stability and maximum accessibility, allowing operators to move and position the spools with ease and confidence. With a maximum reel diameter of 1000 mm, the layout is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of reel sizes.

High output

The advanced design of the wire storage, which can be stored with the arm down as
well as linear, enables high wire unwinding speeds of up to 4 m/s. Despite this high wire speed, the tensile force on the wire remains minimal. This is due to the linear storage capacity of 5.4 m, as well as to the possibility of extending the arm down storage to increase the storage capacity

Technical Data
Max. wire diameter linear / storage arm down 20 / 35 mm
Max. wire reel diameter 1000 mm
Max. wire reel width 750 mm
Max. wire reel weight 600 kg
Min. core hole diameter 20 mm
Max. wire feed speed 4.0 m/s*
Max. dereeling speed 160 rpm
Max. storage capacity 5.4 m
Electrical connection 3 × 400 V (Options for 208 V and 480 V)
Performance 3 kW
Compressed-air connection 4 – 6 bar
Height of wire outlet 1030 – 1170 mm
Dimensions (W × H × D) 2900 × 2580 × 1410 mm
Max. weight (with linear storage) 920 kg
Output for feedback Yes
* Depending on product length (length of wire to be produced) and drum diameter