X1582 twisting module

  • High process quality in a wide range of applications
  • High productivity
  • Saves on changeover time, user friendly and versatile
  • Long service life, low maintenance and robust

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Twisting strand ends – the ideal basis for optimum tinning processes.

Precise, productive and reliable

Twisted strand ends are the ideal basis for carrying out tinning rapidly and with pinpoint accuracy. The X1582 twisting module for fully automatic wire processing machines twists stripped wire ends in a wide range of dimensions. This results in optimum quality starting from a conductor cross-section of just 0.03 mm2 and twisting lengths of just 2 mm. The twisting process is very precise, ensuring that no strands are damaged – even for extremely thin wires.
The X1582 is highly reliable and has a long service life thanks to its robust, high-quality design. It is also extremely low maintenance.

When integrated into the crimp module, the X1582 twisting module is quick to implement and is highly versatile. It can also be used as a standalone unit. In-depth integration in TopWin facilitates simple operation, while EtherCAT ensures that everything works smoothly. This combination of advanced technologies paired with simple, quick changeover processes leads to an extremely high level of productivity.

The X1582 strand twisting module and the X1585 fluxing/tin-plating module can be combined to achieve optimum results. The well-coordinated units create the ideal conditions for even more accurate tinning processes.