ads 115

ads 115

ads 115 – Wire delivery system

  • High processing speed thanks to an optimum storage design
  • Continuous control of dereeling speed
  • Broad range of feedable round and ribbon cables
  • Gentle wire feed
  • Optimum supplement to automatic Komax cutting and stripping machines



Time savings thanks to high winding speeds

  • High rotational speeds enable processing twice as fast as conventional processing with overlap taping.
  • Operable in various working positions easy to use.

Developed for production of longer tape lengths

  • Efficient for overlap taping for lengths from half a meter.
  • Processes conventional adhesive tapes.

Highest quality in a manually guided process

  • Consistent tape tension, guaranteed wrinkle-free taping.
  • Easy-to-control process.

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Core diameter
Wire cross section
max. 400mm (narrow-ribbon reels up to 600mm)
max. 250mm
14 – 95mm
max. 4mm²
Loose rings:
Inner diameter
Outside diameter
Weight holding capacity
min. 30mm
max. 300mm
max. 82mm
max. 20kg
Electrical connections 115/230V, 50/60Hz
Weight 24.5kg
Dimensions (WxHxD):
Basic device
Storage unit
400 x 350 x 330mm
140 x 552 x 260mm