Zeta 620

Zeta 620

The Zeta 620 assembly machine provides wires on two process models fully equipped for control cabinet construction – including labeling and terminals.

Manual processes take time and require properly trained personnel. The Zeta 620 wire processing machine simplifies the wire assembly process. It produces complete parts lists fully automatically and sorts and labels the cables so that they only need to be laid in the control cabinet. With modules, the process is adapted to your needs and up to 24 cable types and up to seven different ferrules are processed without changeover. The processing parameters are converted with TopConvert and sent directly to the machine at the Komax interface WPCS. This also eliminates the need to program articles manually.

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Cost-efficient automation process

  • Enormous time savings of up to 50% due to higher efficiency and accuracy
  • Significant simplification in production
  • Continuous data flow from ECAD or DLW to the machine
  • Cost-efficient just-in-time production for batches of any size
  • Optimal wire depositing


High productivity

  • Complex jobs are completed quickly and without great effort
  • Batch or sequence production without changeovers
  • Automatic wire changer with up to 24 different wires
  • Automated marking of the wire by inkjet and tube marking
  • Processing of seven different ferrules with the CM F20 and CM04 Duo module


Reliable processing with the highest quality

  • Sequential processing of single-conductor wires in the cross-section range 0.5 – 6 mm²
  • Consistently high quality thanks to fully automatic production Attractive entry-level model with low space requirement
  • Compact dimensions 2150 × 1545 mm
  • Fits in any room
  • Up to two inkjet markers can be optionally integrated