ULYS SL Modena Laser Wire Marker

ULYS SL Modena Laser Wire Marker

Ideal for medium and high production volumes, the ULYS Modena laser cable marking range combines scalability, modularity and performance at a very competitive price.

UV laser marking has long been the standard in terms of cable identification in the aeronautical industry.

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The ULYS Modena SL/FL is certified and used by manufacturers, subcontractors and maintenance centers in the Aeronautics, Space and Ground Vehicles sectors.


Complies with the following standards:

– CE

– FDA “Radiation Control for Health and

Safety Act”

– Underwriters Laboratories (UL)



– BOEING : BAC 5152

– SAE ARP 5607

– SAE AIR 5468

– SAE AS 50881 (MIL 5088 L)

– SAE AS 5649

– ASD EN 4650

– ASD EN 3475-100

– ASD EN 3475-706

– ASD EN 3838

Machine :

– EN 60204-1

Laser :

– EN 60825-1

– EN 60825-4

– EN ISO 11553-1


Ideal for medium to very high production volumes, the ULYS SL Modena laser wire marker line consists of upgradeable machines which guarantee a level of productivity and quality unparalleled on the market.


  • Upgradable line of machines
  • Unmatched productivity
  • Low operating costs
  • Stand-alone machine with low maintenance requirements
Specification name Specification value
Laser security Ulys Modena SL/FL: MaskUlys Modena V: vector, Class I laser compliant with European (CE) and American (FDA) standards: suitable
Laser Ulys Modena SL: YagUlys Modena FL/V: diode
Accepted diameters for cable cutting max. 6.3 mm
Accepted diameters for cable cutting min. 0.75 mm
Wire length max. 999000 mm
Electrical connection 208-230 volts – 50-60 Hz – 20 A + 208-230 volts – 50-60 Hz – 32 A
Compressed-air connection 6 bar
Height (with safety cover closed) 1800 mm
Width 1450 mm
Ambient temperature 15 – 32 °C
Humidity, non-condensing < 80 %
Length 1720 mm