Schunk Ultrasonic compaction

Schunk Ultrasonic compaction

  • Schunk – Ultrasonic compaction

    • Excellent electrical properties
    • Comprehensive process monitoring
    • Different types of compaction in same sequence
    • Excellent alternative to end sleeves
    • Input of process parameters in TopWin
    • Usable on Alpha 356 / Gamma 333 PC / Zeta 633

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Device type for Zeta 633 Minic-automatic MV-20TP with motorized positioning
Device type for Alpha 356,
Gamma 333 PC
Minic-automatic MV-20
Conductor cross section up to 6mm²
Processing material copper / aluminum
Campaction length 4–20 mm
Geometry rectangular / square
Work frequency 20 kHz
Power 3000 W
Mains voltage 3L/N/PE VAC 400 V 16A, 50/60 Hz
Piece output depending on machine, conductor and application

Conductor compaction is an increasingly important process in control cabinet construction. The end of the conductor is ultrasonically compacted in the desired length and size so it can be used flexibly for the wiring of terminals and electrical control components. Compacting is an excellent alternative to end sleeves.


Thanks to the years of experience Komax and Schunk have in this field, the ultrasonic compaction process is mature and optimized. The conductor being compacted is put under slight pressure and compacted by means of high frequency mechanical vibrations. In a fraction of a second, this process creates a strong and permanent bond that is metallurgically pure and has excellent electrical conducting properties.

The motorized feed allows different conductors and compaction lengths to be processed in a sequence without changeover. The process parameters can be set quickly and easily right in the TopWin user interface or using the modern touch interface. With Komax WPCS, the compaction parameters can be integrated in a network. Komax is happy to produce samples incorporating the processing you desire.

Schunk Ultrasonic compaction


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