Maximum productivity trough process stability

Increased productivity, quality and Stability

  • Very short changeover times thanks to intuitive operation and thoughtful tools
  • Stability through compressed air monitoring
  • Integrable monitoring of seal position and strip quality (Q1240)
  • Image processing during production
  • Compatible with existing seal tracks

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The latest generation of the Komax seal module S1441 creates the ideal conditions for the loading of customary seals and mini-seals. Setup times can be kept to a minimum due to automatic detection of seal tracks. The easy, intuitive operation of the module significantly boosts the productivity of fully automatic wire processing machines. The increased processing speed, stability and quality contributes to maintaining and improving competitiveness.

Maximum process stability and minimal changeover times

The innovative seal module S1441 enables reliable processing of up to 380 differen seal variants – particularly mini-seals. Together with the newly developed and mechanically optimized SST seal track, the module achieves outstanding quality in conveying operations. It stores the required operating parameters in the conveying track. This enables a re-start of production without additional manual adjustments. Changeover times are shortened, and entry errors eliminated. Existing seal tracks are compatible and can be processed with a high level of stability. To ensure a stable seal feed, the compressed air is displayed and can be adjusted with ease.

Quality monitoring without teach-in by Q1240

Configuration of the seal position and the optional optical seal monitoring is performed automatically and requires no teach-in measures – which reduces the setup time to a minimum. The Q1240 detects pierced and turned seals and reliably analyzes the images without decelerating the production process. It checks the strip quality and the large field of vision also enables the monitoring of large seals.

Intelligent seal track saves settings

The determined operating parameters are stored directly on the newly developed Smart Seal Track (SST). When re-used, there is no need to set the parameters again. The seal track transmits stored values to the S1441 module, which detects the parameters and automatically configures them. Moreover, it is compatible with the Komax seal modules mci 761, mci 762, mci 765, mci 765 C and S1440 as well as with the bt 752 crimper.