Process module of the latest generation

State of the art efficiency and precision

  • Automatic setup and monitoring of the seal position
  • Highly reliable processing
  • Convenient to operate
  • Allows use of existing applications
  • Processes 350 different seals

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The S1440 seal module is an innovative device for the automatic loading of all customary varieties of seals, including mini-seals. Preci­sion mechanics combined with seal position monitoring (SPM) ensure a high degree of process reliability. With its excellent accessibility, the optional integrated visual seal monitoring and the automatic setup of the seal position, this device is the ideal module for the latest gene­ration of Komax fully automatic crimping machines.

Automatically fast, highly productive and compellingly simple

The module can be converted from one type of seal to another quickly and without complication. In addition, the compact design and easy accessibility guarantee maximum flexibility. The most important functions are controlled from one of the membrane keyboards attached on both sides.

Unique – reliable seal position monitor (SPM)

A highly precise laser sensor measures the position of the seal on the cable. The seal position is set up automatically. The module monitors the seal position and stripping quality in each loading operation and detects pierced and turned seals on the cable. Positioning is subsequently adjusted to compensate for material fluctuations. The last 100 SPM images can be viewed in the statistics. This allows you to evaluate overall production in dialog with TopWin.