Omega 740 / 750

Omega 740 / 750

Komax has developed the fully automatic block loader machines, the Omega 740 and Omega 750, for wire harness production with insertion of housings. The highly flexible system enables operator-independent production with double-sided block loading in the highest quality and different complexity without the need for interim storage of individual wires. It is the economical answer to ongoing miniaturization and increasingly smaller batches. The Omega series makes it possible to manufacture a range of different wire harnesses while simultaneously reducing production time significantly. The tried and tested EtherCAT platform improves overall system performance and significantly increases output.

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Shorter run – less storage requirement

  • Shortest lead times – significantly reduced production time
  • Minimized stock level of semi-finished products
  • Optimized production process

Automated quality for the end product

  • Continuous quality, independent of the operator
  • Reliable loading of miniaturized components
  • Force monitoring of the entire loading process
  • Optional ACD incision monitoring

High flexibility

  • Standard machine – quick and individual changeover
  • Unlimited number of applications