Microlab 55

Microlab 55

Modular and flexible quality control for all types of crimps

Highly flexible and functional

•Reproducible sample preparation
•No re-clamping of sample necessary
•Wet cutting and wet polishing processes for increasing the service life and for binding abraded material and dirt
•Sample can be aligned perpendicular to the cutting axis
•Motorized polishing for reproducible results

Modular across the whole breadth
Processes cable up to Ø 30 mm (and even more as an option)
Short processing time of 3 – 5 minutes
Flexible, can be expanded to meet current needs
Designed for the most versatile application ranges
Precise optics and high-resolution cameras for the given use case
Highly flexible in terms of configuration

Versatile for every application

The MicroLab 55 micrograph laboratory is designed for the most versatile application ranges and is ideally suited for this purpose. It enables micrographs to be produced for all types of crimps available on the market – both transverse section and longitudinal section. The above applies also to products such as PCBs or housings from outside the automotive sector. Extremely short processing times can be achieved thanks to the optimum arrangement of the individual modules. Reproducible sample preparation is guaranteed to be perfect because the sample does not have to be re-clamped between the individual processing steps. The laboratory can be set up and used as a sit as well as stand workstation thanks to its ergonomically ingenious design.

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