MicroLab 30

MicroLab 30

  • Mobile and simple quality control
  • Beneficially handy
  • No re-clamping of sample necessary
  • Subsequent polishing option
  • Reproducible sample preparation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Mobile and automatically fast
  • Creates micrograph up to Ø 10 mm
  • Fully automatic and independent of user
  • Includes preparation, evaluation and documentation modules for complete on-site analysis
  • Very short processing times of less than 30 seconds

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Smart and user-friendly

MicroLab 30 is designed for creating micrographs of terminals up to a diameter of 10 mm. Processing can be done in less than thirty seconds thanks to the intuitive control system and the optimized arrangement of the cutting and polishing module. An integrated line laser simplifies the determination of the microsection position. The autonomous preparation, evaluation and documentation modules that are part of the lab operate independently of each other and enable a complete on-site analysis. A standardized holder positions the sample without having to re-clamp it.