Insulating, spot taping, fixing, marking and labeling – process-controlled, fast and efficient. The KTB E PLUS combines all these capabilities in a new generation of spot taping and insulating machine.

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Application Insulating, bundling, fixing and marking of cable harnesses
Tape material Wide range of automotive and industrial tapes (feasibility test recommended)
Tape width KTB 19 E PLUS: 9 – 19 mm

KTB 38 E PLUS: 9 – 38 mm

KTB 50 E PLUS: 9 – 50 mm

Bundle diameter 2 – 13 mm
Tape core diameter 1.5″ und 3″
Unit counter 3x (unit counter, reverse counter, total counter)
Display of maintenance intervals e.g. blade cleaning
Power supply L/N/PE 100 – 240V AC, 50-60Hz +-10%
Dimensions (W × H × D) 475 x 400 x 667 mm
Weight 45 kg


Time savings thanks to short cycle times

  • Up to 50 % less processing time compared to manual production
  • Simple handling through automated process steps
  • Thanks to automatic diameter detection, the required tape length is always guaranteed


Highest quality and process security

  • Reproducible quality
  • Automatic detection of diameter reduces operator involvement
  • Efficient processing of critical cable cross-sections
  • Automatic display of maintenance intervals
  • Tape is cut with a self-cleaning, low-wear cutting blade


Tape is cut with a self-cleaning, low-wear cutting blade

  • Up to 80 % lower material costs compared to heat-shrink tubing or caps
  • Calculable tape consumption thanks to programmable number of windings