The Exmore Infrared Desktop Device is an Infrared (IR) processing device for product diameters up to 16 mm.

The Infrared processing appliance allows efficient and reliable processing of the following components:

■ Heat shrink tubing
■ Adhesive coated heat shrinking tubes
■ Label sleeves
■ Solder sleeves
■ Heat shrinkage caps
■ Related heat-shrink materials and products

An additional Infrared Digital Control Unit IRDC-2000 is required for the operating of the processing appliance.

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Connected load max. 300W
Protection type IP40
Protection class I
Identification approval CE
Thermal safety Class 0
Ambient temperature range 0-40 C°
Ambient humidity range 15 – 85% r.h.
Cable length 1.5m
Weight 1900g
Dimensions L x B x H 220 x 110 x 210 mm
Estimated life of the IR radiant element 2000 h