The interactive harness assembly board is bringing wire harness manufacturing to the digital age. The system replaces paper diagrams with a dynamic display of information to guide the production process of an electrical harness. At each step, the operator validates the progress of the job by scanning bar-codes on the screen.

LASELEC is offering a complete setup made up of the display device, the CAM software, and moveable supports in various forms adapted to all types of harnesses.

Available in 75’’ and 86’’, the system can include one or several display modules. The modules can be displaced and coupled together to create tables of various lengths.

Accessories mounted on suction cups, fixed onto the protective surface covering the screen, hold the harness in place during production.

Advantages of the system compared to traditional wiring tables:

  • Computer aided manufacturing
  • Dynamic software display
  • New products can be put into production rapidly
  • Instant implementation of harness modification
  • Reduction of the training time of new cabling personnel
  • Rapid reconfiguration of the table due to movable supports
  • Real-time tracking of production


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¤ Streamline the production of new harnesses
¤ Deploy revisions to harness designs immediately
¤ Reduce training time of cabling technicians

¤ LED display
¤ Multi-user
¤ Displays PDF, photo, and video instructions
¤ Interactive information windows
¤ Solid and robust construction
¤ Optimization of workshop space
¤ Centralized data management