Powerful, accurate, fast

Cutting and stripping of heavy cables

  • Easy processing of cables with outer diameter up to 35 mm  and cross section up to 300 mm²
  • Robust machine with multiple capability options
  • Minimize wire change down-time with fast easy guide changes
  • Rotary Stripping unit for multiple stripping of multi-layer and shielded cables*

Protective cable processing and short-wire capabilities

  • Even short wires (minimum 50 mm in length) can be processed without any reduction in quality
  • Innovative and versatile wire collection ensures smooth workflow
  • Servo driven belt system

Attractive options for every demand

  • Wire slitting unit and ink jet marking
  • WPCS interface for integration into MES
  • Rotary incisions unit for multiple stripping of multi-layer and shielded cables (available from Nov. 2021). The Rotary Incision Unit is retrofittable.

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The CS370 cutting and stripping machine can precisely process heavy cables with a diameter of up to 35 mm and a cross-section of 300 mm².

The CS370 is the machine for cutting and stripping large and heavy cables. This means it’s a true powerhouse and processes wires that other machines can’t cope with. The feed force is transferred to the cable to be processed by a belt drive with multiple bearings. The servo motor of the drive ensures the highest possible torque with maximum precision. The CS370 has two blade positions (cutting and stripping blades) and can optionally be supplemented with a rotary blade and a slitting blade. In addition, an inkjet wire marking can be upgraded in order to combine further wire processing steps in one machine.

Wire sizes Up to 300 mm2 (600 MCM)*
Outer wire diameter Up to 35 mm (1.4”) *
Minimum wire length Standard mode: 152 mm (6’’) ; short mode < 50 mm*
Strip lengths Strip lengths pull values 1,0 – 1000 mm
Full strip removal length
left side 168 mm, right side 518 mm
Electrical requirement 220 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
Air requirement 5 CFM (Cubic feet/min.) 5 – 6 bar (80 psi)
Dimensions Length 1790 mm (70,5 inches), machine body 2940 mm (115,75 inches) with operator station and single straightener width 605 mm (24 inches), height 1453 mm (57 inches)
Weight 820 kg (1808 lbs.) – machine weight
1090 kg (2400 lbs.) – packed weight

* wire dependent, may require purchase of one or more options shown.